The Rev. Paulette Claire, wedding officiant and minister,  will travel to San Luis Obispo County beautiful wedding locations for your ceremony and reception...
Wedding Offiant Locations San Luis Obsipo County
Are you looking for  wedding locations, resorts, bed and breakfasts, and vineyards in San Luis Obispo County?
Wedding Offiant Locations San Luis Obsipo County
Rain or shine, beach or vineyard, large or small, San Luis Obispo County has many beautiful wedding locations from which to choose.
ARROYO GRANDE Wedding Locations and Facilities
Cypress Ridge Pavilion, Arroyo Grande    805-474-8329
The Victorian Pitkin Conrow  Estate, Arroyo Grande   805 481-4570
ATASCADERO Wedding Locations and Facilities
Colby Jack Cafe, Atascadero  805 460-6455
Pavilion on the Lake, Atascadero    805 461-5005
AVILA BEACH Wedding Locations and Facilities
Avila Beach Resort, Avila  Beach    805 595-4000 ext. 503
Beach at Avila, Avila Beach
Dog Beach, Avila Beach
San Luis Pier, Avila Beach
Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, Avila Beach  800 234-583 & 805 595-7302 x438
CAMBRIA Wedding Locations and Facilities
Leffingwell Landing State Park, Cambria (coastal  bluffs)  805 927-2070
Moonstone Beach Drive, Cambria
Santa Rose Chapel, Cambria
Shamel  Park, Cambria   805 927-2070
CAYUCOS Wedding Locations and Facilities
Cayucos Creek Barn, Cayucos   805 995-2965
LOS OSOS/BAYWOOD Wedding Locations and Facilities
Back Bay Inn,  Los Osos/Baywood       805-528-6011
Montana de Oro State Park Beach and Campground
NIPOMO Wedding Locations and Facilities
Kaleidoscope Inn & Gardens, Nipomo    866 504-5444 and 805 929-5444
PASO ROBLES Wedding Locations and Facilities
Cass  Vineyard & Winery, Paso Robles    805  227-2888
Downtown Park Gazebo, Paso Robles
Paso  Robles Inn, Paso Robles    800  676-1713 and 805 238-2660 ext. 2218
Robert Hall Winery, Paso Robles    805 239-1616 ext. 20
PISMO BEACH Wedding Locations and Facilities
Pismo  Beach Golf Course, Pismo Beach    805  459-5675
The  Cliffs Resort, Pismo/Shell Beach     800 826-7827 and 805 773-5000
Sea  Venture Resort, Pismo Beach    800  662-5545 and 805 773-4994
Steamers  of Pismo Beach or FMcLintocks, Pismo  Beach   805 773-4711
SAN LUIS OBISPO Wedding Locations and Facilities
Apple Farm Inn & Restaurant, San Luis Obispo 800 374-3705 & 544-2040 ext. 632
Cuesta Park, San Luis Obispo  805 781-5930
Embassy Suites Hotel, San Luis Obispo        805 549-0800 ext.  522
Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo    800 543-9666 and 805 543-3000
San Luis Obispo Creek, San Luis Obispo 
SANTA MARGARITA Wedding Locations and Facilities
Santa  Margarita Community Park,  Santa Margarita   805 781-5930
SHELL BEACH Wedding Locations and Facilities
Dinasour Caves, Shell Beach        
F.McLintocks or Steamers, Shell/Pismo Beach        805 773-1892
Shore  Cliff Lodge    800 441-8885  805  773-4671                                                                
TEMPLETON Wedding Locations and Facilities
Hummingbird House, Templeton    226-8575
Templeton Community Park
The character of the marriage you build will depend upon your own growth of spirit.  It will be measured by the abiding love in your hearts and the deepening of that love as the years lengthen into decades.  Just as the strength of the oak tree is determined by the roots that grow deep into the earth, the strength of your love will be determined by the bond that grows deep within  your relationship each and every day.    
Rev. Paulette Claire
"Thank you for such a beautiful ceremony!  Jason and I had a wonderful day and came away with great memories. Your calm and warm personality is terrific for nervous bride Thank you again." 
Jason and Bonnie
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